Hi everyone, I’m Brandon. My wife Yesy (pronounced like Jessie) and I are passionate about eliminating the debt in our lives. It is why we have been able to get rid of nearly $21,000 of debt in just 12 months and worked out a plan that allowed us to move into our dream house in less than 3 years.

When Yesy and I got married, we both brought various financial obligations into the relationship: student loans, credit cards, and car payments. We were bound and determined to eliminate that debt and become debt free. But that didn’t happen right away for us. The economy was still recovering from the recession and we had a new baby on the way. So instead of our debt going down, it was actually going up.

After a couple of employment changes we were finally able to get some career stability and return our focus on getting this financial burden off of our shoulders. We cut back on unnecessary expenses and stuck to a predetermined annual budget. That didn’t mean we cut out all the fun from our lives, it just meant we carefully planned out any vacations or miscellaneous expenses well in advance.

While I’ve always understood that having a lot of financial obligations was not ideal, it was a book by Robert Kiyosaki called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that really opened my eyes into how to make your money work for you instead of you working for money. It basically taught me that I no longer wanted to just trade my time for money, and Yesy agreed.

This led us to creating our own businesses. Yesy makes and sells custom designed crafts at www.craftingwithflair.com and I created Cleared For Success.

Both of these ventures have been highly rewarding for us. Yesy gets to work on projects that she is passionate about and I get to have my own creative outlet by running this blog and sharing our journey with you.

I hope that you find the information on this site helpful and that you are able to reach your financial goals to let you live the life you’ve always dreamed.

Philosophy of Success

What really determines success? How do you define it? I think too often people associate success with money and power; the big house, the fancy car, the vacation home, etc. But is that really a measure of success? I’ll be honest, I used to think so. But as I got a little older and little wiser, I realized that is not necessarily the case.

When it came to materialistic things, I realized if I had planned a little better and spent my money a little wiser when I was younger, I could have had most of the materialistic things I want right now. The problem is, I was young and impatient and didn’t spend my money wisely.

Ultimately, success is all in your mind. If you have big dreams, ambitions, or a God given calling, then pursue it with everything you have. But you can also have great life, working a job that you love (even if it is not a 6 figure salary) if you learn to spend you money wisely, and budget accordingly.

Even if you made mistakes like me, you can always turn it around. By changing your spending habits, learning how to invest your money, and make wiser decisions, you can dig your way out of debt and start living a more comfortable lifestyle.

The time to change your life is now. If you are motivated, dedicated, and willing to learn and make changes you can and will be successful!

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