Make Money With Proofreading Jobs And Work From Home

Make Money With Proofreading Jobs And Work From Home

If you’re looking for a job with flexible hours you can do from home, then proofreading may be just what you’ve been looking for. Proofreading jobs involve revising and editing others people written work. And it offers the flexibility to work your own hours, part time or full time, from the comfort of your home, or where ever you may be. All you need is access to email and an internet connection. Find out how you can get started with your own proofreading career today. This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. Please see my disclosure for more information.

Hello. Today I want to share an opportunity that might be of interest to you. Did you know that proofreading jobs could be a great way to make money from home?

Caitlin Pyle has been able to form a successful career proofreading as a freelancer and brings in over $40,000 a year while working from home.

If you are looking for something with flexible hours and the ability to work from home on your own schedule, this may be something you want to check out in more detail.

So let’s dive into this with some common questions you may have.

How Did Caitlin Get Started with Proofreading Jobs?

After graduating Caitlin’s first job was as a receptionist for a court-reporting agency. She gradually moved through the ranks and worked more with transcript production. It was here that she began to learn the process of transcript formatting and the common mistakes that are often found in various transcripts.

After she moved on from the agency, Caitlin continued to do some proofreading work as a side hustle, but didn’t realize she could make a freelance business just with proofreading jobs.

Then one summer, one of Caitlin’s clients mentioned that her manager was looking for quality assurance proofreaders. She suggested that Caitlin contact the manager and see if she could help. It was from that one email that Caitlin’s career of proofreading really started to take off.

What Do I Do with Proofreading Jobs?

One field where there is an abundance of proofreading jobs is court reporting.

In order to record what was said during trials, or other various court related activities, court reporters use stenography machines in association with computer software to make records of the proceedings.

Their reports may stem from trials, medical exams, witness testimonies, depositions, hearings, arbitrations, and basically any other type of legal process. The reports from these proceedings are very sensitive in nature and must therefore be recorded as accurately as possible. Any major errors in the transcript could potentially change the outcome of the trial!

Despite the use of modern day spelling and grammar checks, there is still no complete substitute for the human mind. Even though reporters use electronic spelling and grammar checks for their reports, it is still not sufficient.

A word can be spelled properly but it could be the wrong word altogether. A perfect example of this is “see” and “sea” or “board” and “bored.” You see where this is going and how easy it can be for a computer to get confused? While some more advanced programs may be able to pick up on these variations, most basic software used by court reporters cannot.

As such, court reporters that use someone with good proofreading skills understand how valuable a second set of eyes can be. After looking at the same report over and over, it is easy to miss small mistakes. A fresh pair of eyes viewing the same material will often catch more errors than than the person that observed it from start to finish.

As an added note, court reporters do not make any extra money for proofreading their own work; so outsourcing proofreading jobs will ultimately save them time, which they can use to find more work.

How Much Money Do Proofreading Jobs Pay?

The answer to this question is not so clear-cut. It depends on a number of variables. But in Caitlin’s experience she was able to go from making $1,300 in her first month and within five months was making over $4,000 per month. Before long, she was able to make over $40,000 per year from proofreading jobs alone.

However, keep in mind that she also had about 3 years of proofreading experience before she started trying to make a full time income from it. So her numbers grew a little faster than someone who was completely starting from scratch.

When Caitlin discovered that she had inadvertently come across a great side hustle or potential career, she began to train some other people on how to do the same. She later launched a course, Proofread Anywhere, which offers a lot of free blog content in addition to extensive information on how to grow a side business or full-time business by proofreading.

After her students finish training, most of them report earnings on average that range from $500 to $1,000 within their first two months of finding proofreading jobs. However, quite a few have been able to bring home more than that.

Caitlin reported that one of her students was even able to bring home $3,200 in the first month. Even though that may not be quite as common it is still possible with dedication and hustle. Just bear in mind that no matter what business you decide to go into, it does take time to build a business and properly market it.

What Is The Pay Breakdown For Proofreading Jobs?

So, going a little deeper into payment for proofreading jobs, it basically breaks down into a pay rate by page. The average pay rate per page for a proofreader is about $0.35 per page. Now before you freak out and think it will take forever to make any money at that rate, keep this in mind.

Transcript pages are not like regular book pages. They are double-spaced and less dense. So the time it takes to proofread each page is drastically reduced when compared to a page from something like a textbook.

So let’s break it down. If you were only able to read about 30 pages per hour at the rate of $0.35/page, you would be making $10.50 per hour. 40 pages per hour at $0.35/page would be $14 per hour.

As you get better and more proficient you may be able to increase your speed even more. Plus the software you use will help to speed up the process.

If you are able to increase your speed to 45 pages per hour, you would make $15.75 per hour. As you get more proficient and well known, you’ll likely get to point where you could increase your rates. If you start making $0.40/page, the same 45 pages would then net you $18/hour. For rush jobs, you could potentially charge an additional $0.20 per page.

Just remember, it does take time to build proofreading skills and not sacrifice accuracy. Caitlin often cautions her students to work through the process and build up their skills before trying to make top dollar.

Can Anyone Make Money As A Proofreader?

This business is not for everyone.

There are certain traits and skills that you need to have to be successful with proofreading jobs. One of the most important is obviously a strong attention to detail.

If you are someone who constantly needs to use your spelling and grammar check to make a coherent sentence or are baffled by punctuations, this is probably not the right business model for you.

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However, if you are someone who has an eye for spelling errors, loves reading, and are skilled with punctuations, then proofreading jobs may be a good fit.

It’s not always easy though, so even if you do have these qualities, there is no guarantee that you will create a successful proofreading business.

Like with any business endeavor, you have to be motivated and disciplined to do what it takes to succeed. You can’t expect other people to hold your hand and do it for you.

Common traits for Caitlin’s successful proofreading students include:

  • A positive personality
  • A high level of commitment
  • Persistence and perseverance

She places a special emphasis on persistence and perseverance because you have to be willing to stay committed to your goal even during the difficult times. Things will get difficult, but it is those that continue to push forward that will become truly successful.

Why Do I Need Training For Proofreading Jobs?

The truth is that proofreading transcripts is a lot different than proofreading a book or blog post.

This is because a transcript is a record of what someone actually said, so the grammar cannot just be fixed or altered. You can’t change the words around just so they sound better.

It is also important to understand the job of the court reporter, what kind of errors need to be corrected, have knowledge of legal terminology, and the process of providing high quality service to your clients.

All of these factors are reasons that Caitlin created Proofread Anywhere so her students are well prepared to take on the necessary tasks to become successful proofreaders.

Can I Proofread Something Other Than Transcripts

As a matter of fact you can!

Many of Caitlin’s students have found jobs working for clients such as bloggers, law firms, and book authors. Even though the pay for these types of jobs is not quite as high, every little bit helps when you are looking for a good side hustle and trying to pay down additional debt.

The internet is littered with bloggers and they can be a great resource for finding potential proofreading jobs. As any good blogger knows, a well executed and error free blog post will attract and retain more readers than one that has abundant spelling and punctuation errors.

With this in mind, quality proofreaders can really add great value to a blogger by freeing up much of their time and polishing up a post for them.

What Steps Do I Need to Take to Make Money Proofreading?

The 1st step is get proper training. This is so important because it is the foundation for the journey you are about to begin. This initial step is not a fast one. On average, Caitlin believes it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 months to learn the process well. Shortcuts are not advisable because if you proofread in the legal world, it is serious business and accuracy is of the utmost importance.

With Proofread Anywhere, the course is set up as modules and sold all in one piece. Caitlin has put together a free online workshop that answers all of the most common questions about becoming a proofreader, and she even shows you how to use the most popular tools that are used by professional proofreaders around the world.

What Are The Perks To Proofreading Jobs?

Probably one of the biggest perks is the flexibility it provides. Caitlin states that her schedule is much more flexible and autonomous than if she were working at an office job. She only needs access to her email and iPad in order to work. And she has the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

This type of flexibility has allowed her and her husband to travel for 5 solid months at a time.

Proofreading for a living does not require you to take up roots in a particular place. All it demands is the ability to deliver quality work that your clients will be proud of.


I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If proofreading sounds like something you are interested in; be sure to check out Caitlin’s course Proofread Anywhere. I’m sure she will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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